The Searches Combined indemnity policy (Purchaser & Lender, Lender Only) (also known as Standard Conveyancing Searches) is designed for anybody prepared to purchase a Commercial property within England and Wales without the benefit of one or more formal searches in respect of:

  • Local land charges.
  • Information held by the Local Authority.
  • Mining.
  • Water or sewerage services to the property.
  • Chancel.
  • Environmental.

For full terms, please see the Key Facts.

  • Prices from £41.00 incl. IPT
  • ‘Instant’ cover for commercial properties only
  • This policy will remain in force for the duration of the ownership of the property and for any lender for the period of any mortgage advance at the commencement date
  • Up to £3m limit of indemnity
  • Electronic policies and key facts
  • Monthly statement and numerous payment options

If your risk does not meet the issue criteria, please contact us for a Bespoke quote.